Audience Feedback

“The artwork was amazing, and it was a great opportunity to visit the church, which I hadn’t been to before. I’m glad I made the effort to come out so late. I thought the art and the space worked very well together; the dim lighting was beautiful and helped create a contemplative atmosphere… Of all the art events I’ve been to in the last few years (admittedly not THAT many but quite a few) this was my favourite.”

“Just a little note to say how much I enjoyed the event on Saturday. What brilliant idea to work with the marvelous altarpiece that way. It takes people with an eye to see it and I really salute you for it. Sorry that I could not stay to the end, but by 03:00, I knew I would never get through Sunday! I now look forward to the event on Wednesday.”

“I can’t find words to congratulate & thank you for such a special event… Such an important stilling & time for reflection let alone the multiple references, poignancy & humour imbedded in the videos & incredible atmosphere rarely embraced by any ’art world’ event. Hope you are all sleeping & basking in the confidence that you have made something truly powerful that is much needed & transforming in today’s world.”

“It was absolutely unique and incredible, huge congratulations on all your hard work… I feel very privileged to have been able to experience some of it. Thank you for letting me know about it and making me so welcome.”

“Brilliant event – great to see cutting-edge, contemporary art/dance in such a historical, sacred building – a completely different experience to a “white cube” gallery space. Refreshing and inspiring to see the Church supporting contemporary art and embracing modern interpretations of Christian traditions – breathing new life into them and making them relevant and accessible to new audiences. I particularly enjoyed the video and sound installation, especially the “performative” element of the screens’ sound being turned on one at a time. Very beautiful. Thank you.”

“Strange, haunting and beautiful. A “spiritual” experience in a loose sense of the word enhanced by the performance space. In an increasingly secular age ( I am, probably, an atheist) churches can provide valuable spaces outside the relentless buy, buy, buy world we are encouraged to inhabit.”

“Stations of the Resurrection was a very rewarding event — exceptionally well considered for St. Paul’s Cathedral unique site, and a truly moving, critically savvy and contemporary performance, video, sound installation that provided a significant space for reflection and an immersive shared experience for audiences.”

“I enjoyed the event, it was an uplifting experience. It was also a great opportunity to see St. Paul’s Cathedral which I’d only visited once before.”

“Loved the show and the cathedral space too. I have been only once long time ago.”

“It was fantastic and the work reflected on to the cathedral like a 21st century mirror.”

“Your work was beautiful at St.Paul’s. Really took you away into another world with the composition of everything, amazing sound and great dancers with alive vivid colour.”

“I found both the Event and the venue a very moving and powerful experience .The movement and music brought alive the whole theme of Resurrection in a fresh and unique way especially watching this Production underneath the Dome. Congratulations and my deep appreciation and gratitude for all the outstanding creativity and HARD WORK… a MEMORABLE experience and occasion.”

“I was so moved by the piece at St Paul’s. Here Comes the Sun was the song my daughter was lifted out to in theatre, and it has always been one of my favourite songs. I was in floods of tears of happiness at St Paul’s.  Not only that, but this pregnancy has been a very spiritual journey. After talking with someone at church who said God did talk to me, I just needed to listen, and to listen to my dreams, I had a clear dream that I must go see your artwork. It was like a pilgrimage, I travelled on the train from Devon on the way back from holiday whilst my husband and daughter drove home. My journey during pregnancy has been like a resurrection, and The Stations of The Resurrection was such a big sign for me.”

“Stunning. Intimate. It was amazing to be in St.Paul’s itself of course, but the performance was really moving. I don’t engage with dance normally. Whatever your feelings towards the church and religion I would think everyone would be affected by the story and emotions portrayed by the dancers. I though the music overlapping to sound like bells was breathtaking.”

“It was a thought-provoking event, with its sense of time and scale. Very inclusive and worked well in the space. Of the two events, I preferred the intimacy and depth of Stations of the Cross, which I thought was amazing.”

“Really enjoyed attending the performance in such a magnificent location – the combination was wonderful. Such a good idea to locate modern dance/sound installation within an old imposing building. It gave me an opportunity to appreciate the glorious surroundings as well as the performance.”

“A well-presented and very accessible event, obviously enjoyed by its large audience.”

“This was a wonderful piece performed by superb dancers in this magnificent venue. For me it brought the emotive story of Christ to life with reverence and humanity and because it was in this setting it gave me the opportunity to be a part of the church freely, outside the usual activities of the church, to which I am not usually accustomed. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope St. Paul’s will continue to embrace the arts it is a great thing.”

“Please hold more events like this. Thought provoking and much appreciated.”

“It was the most wonderful evocative and inspiring fusion of the Arts! I hope it will be an annual event.”

Partner feedback

“The visit of Stations of the Resurrection to St Paul’s Cathedral was a unique experience for the cathedral community and we were delighted that it was so much appreciated by a very large gathering of people. We enjoy many expressions of faith here at St Paul’s but this was one which greatly broadened the scope of what we do here and we were particularly struck by the quality and grace of both the design and execution of the event.”

– The Rev Canon Michael Hampel, Precentor, St Paul’s Cathedral